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 somethimhg inresting

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PostSubject: somethimhg inresting   somethimhg inresting I_icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 3:40 pm

c0py paste warung sblh. . . h0h0h0

There's a reason people are having problems
with hacking mig33 accounts.

Mig33 gotten smarter since the last time i hacked
a mig33 account now there's a few reasons you wont
stand a chance to hack a mig33 account with a windows operating system or a program that works on a windows OS like Brutus aet2(Brutus sucks)
If you want to hack a mig33 account i suggest you get a linux OS and get a python based script for a linux OS or if its possible get i windows based one
Wich you probably wont find or you can make it yourself but you need to be a programmer.

1. mig33 filters their ip adresses, meaning the site ip adress or the server adress (gateway.mig33.com) is just a dummy
that ip adress is just a relay to another, but that might not be the real ip adress but that might
just be another dummy ip adress.

Now what i did was a multi protocal tracerout cuase i couldnt seem to authenticate to the server to actually get to the part where its attempting to try passwords
blah blah blah

now the following ip adresses is what i got when i did the mp tracerout.

UDP traceroute to

Hop RTT Node Address
1 <5 ms ( - ) <----- this one is my ip adress since im on a network and the network ip adress is static i dont work thru a router
2 484 ms ( - ) <---- junk
3 485 ms ( - ) <----- 1 more useless ip adress
4 500 ms (vc-196-207-47-3.3g.vodacom.co.za) <------this is my isp servers ip adress the one that i connect to when i connect to the internet
5 453 ms (vc-196-207-47-17.3g.vodacom.co.za) same goes for this ip but since they dont want hackers to hack their servers the ip adress changes every few seconds making it impossible to gain access
6 469 ms ( - )
7 1157 ms (ams-ip-dir-globalc-pos-5-0.telkom-ipnet.co.za)<------------- one of our ips server(s) ip adress but its a seperate company i dont know how to put it in words
8 * * ( * )
9 1265 ms (INTERNAP.te1-3.ar1.snv2.gblx.net) <----- tadaaaaaa this is the adress of gateway.mig33.com remember the gateway.mig33.com is just a Dns - DOMAIN NAMING SERVICE it's just another way to identify an a site other then with its ip adress
10 1266 ms (border1.t8-1-bbnet2.sje005.pnap.net) <----- DOES THE FIRST FEW NUMBERs OF this ip adress ring a bell THIS IP ADRESS is most probably the real ip adress or another dummy ip adress for the mig33 site server
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somethimhg inresting
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